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Product ID: PEAVEY XR1220


New PEAVEY XR1220 20 channel Power Mixer

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Peavey XR1220

20 channel Power Mixer


This is for 1- New Peavey XR 1220 powered mixer.  The Peavey XR1220 is a console style powered mixer, featuring 20 channels with XLR mic inputs plus stereo line inputs on channels 19 and 20, this mixer is large enough to meet almost any live set up. The XR1220 also has a well designed layout and 60 mm faders, 4 band EQ with mid-morph technology, 2 monitor sends, 1 EFX send, pan pot, PFL and Mute switches for optimal control. 

The super efficient and clean class D power amplifier on the XR1220 pushes out 600 watts per channel (4 ohms), plus 2 combo (Speakon and 1/4 inch) connecters per amp channel, digital EFX (with footswitch defeat and tap function). Another great feature is the auto EQ (with dedicated RTA input) which works great for easily getting great sound no matter what the venue is. The XR1220 also has Feedback Ferrets and digital graphic EQ's that are dedicated to each amplifier. Five power amp modes, including fully active subwoofer crossover. 




  • 20 XLR mic channels
  • Dual 600W amps lightweight Class D
  • Auto GEQ
  • Feedback Ferret(r)
  • 4-band EQ on input channels
  • Digital effects
  • Dual-9 band graphic EQ
  • Two monitor sends
  • Dedicated effect return fader
  • Packed Weight: 13.8kg.
  • Packed Dimensions(WxHxD): 20" x 9.5" x 29" 



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