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Peavey Versarray 112 Version 1

Product ID: Peavey Versaaray 112

Peavey Versarray 112 Version 1

New Peavey Versarray 112 Version 1

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Peavey Versarray 112 Verision 1

Line Array Speaker 

1 Demo units also available 7/05/13 

This is for 1- New Peavey Versarray 112 Version 1 array speaker.  The Versarray 112 Ribbon Tweeter Line Source Array module consists of a new 12" Neo Black Widow® woofer combined with a Neodymium based Peavey RD™ 1.6 ribbon tweeter in a cabinet with a highly flexible rigging system. Designed to provide modular coverage of small to medium venues, and intended for use with the companion Versarray Sub models, the Versarray112 offers  extreme versatility for such high performance capability.    

The two-way system consists of a 12" Black Widow Neo series woofer with a Neodymium magnet structure, capable of handling over 500 watts of continuous power, and two Peavey RD 1.6 ribbon tweeters utilizing a composite sandwich ribbon, a Neodymium magnet system, and a low distortion waveguide. 

Full range input connection to the system is made via two 4-pin Neutrik® Speakon® jacks. The total impedance presented by the ribbons can be adjusted to 16 ohms or 4 ohms via an internal jumper on the input cup, providing flexibility in how the line array is wired for your amplifier application. Sound Guard™, Peavey's proprietary protection circuitry, provides long and medium term driver overload protection for the tweeter without impairing musical transients or dynamics.  

The adjustable rigging system allows a classic straight line array configuration, or a number of different angling options for aiming the system easily. Angles between the array modules are adjustable from 0 degrees (straight), to 7.5 degrees in 2.5 degree increments. Total angle between two cabinets is 15 degrees. This provides the capability to create a completely straight line array of 6 or more modules, or a curved array of 6 or more modules, with a recommended maximum total of 5 degrees of angle between each module for continuous and even coverage, for a total vertical coverage pattern of up to 40 degrees, or somewhere in between a 5 degree pattern (straight line array) and a 40 degree pattern (8 cabinets with 5 degree curve).   

Bolts are supplied with the rigging hardware to couple the Versarray 112 modules together and lock the angles between them into place, but optional quick release pins are available for quick and easy field adjustments or re-configurations of a line array.    

The flexibility of the Versarray™ system allows the use of 1 to 8 or more Versarray 112 modules in conjunction with anything from one Versarray 118 Sub to a pair of Versarray 218 Subs.    

Two stand mount cups on the Versarray 112 allow for stand mounting at either a standard straight ahead angle, or a 5 degree tilt down for better crowd coverage.  

 A pole tunnel is built into the Versarray 118 Subwoofer so that one or two Versarray 112 speakers can be mounted on the Versarray system-specific pole.   

An optional special bracket set mounts to the Versarray 218 Sub, and allows up to three of the Versarray 112’s to be mounted on top of the Versarray 218 Sub, and angled upward, for use on stage in a stadium seating situation. 

A lift kit co-designed with Vermette is available as a Versarray system accessory. The Vermette list can elevate up to six Versarray 112 modules 13 feet high above a Versarray 218 Sub, and then fold down for easy transportation and storage.  



  • 2-way Bi-Amp Ribbon Line Source Array SR System
  • 12" Neo Black Widow 4" VC Woofer
  • 1,000 watt program, 2000 watt peak power handling
  • Ribbon Tweeters with Neo magnet and composite material sandwich ribbon
  • 90° H by 15° V coverage pattern (per one cabinet)
  • Easy aiming angle adjustment rigging system
  • Angle adjustable in 2 1/2 degree increments from 0 to 15 degrees, total angle between adjacent cabinets
  • Sound Guard tweeter protection
  • Dual stand mount cups, one perpendicular, one 5° angled down
  • 18 mm 13-ply Baltic birch enclosure